MR23 with sapphires and diamond accent.  This ring contains 1.28ct pink sapphire;  .40ct diamond.  We make this style in 14k, white or yellow, in a variety of sapphire colors and shapes.

ME1 (pink)

Breast Cancer Awareness

CP21, CP021, Channel Cause AwarenessPP2, PP02, Prong, Breast Cancer Cause Awareness

We have a variety of cause awareness pendants, pins, rings, and earrings. We have both of these styles available in gold or silver.


The MP18 is our newest pendant design.  This style comes in a varity of colors, shapes, and carat weights.  This piece contains 1.31ct  of blue sapphires and is accented with .39ct of diamonds.


MR23, Fancy Sapphire + Diamonds

CP35, CP035, Blue Sapphire Channel Set

Blue sapphire CP35

BPC, Bezel Cross

The BPC pendant comes in a varity of colors either in 18k white or yellow gold.

Ruby – July Birthstone

Believed to burn with an inextinguishable internal fire, ruby has historically signified great passion. This fiery red gem – the color of the heart – has always been associated with deep love. Also the color of blood, ruby signifies great courage. Next to diamond, ruby is the second hardest gemstone, ideal for all types of jewelry, especially rings.

July’s birthstone, ruby is also recognized as the traditional gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Historically, ruby was believed to attract and maintain love. In fact, ruby is a popular gem choice for brides who want to express their unique personality like Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

Ruby is recognized as a talisman to ensue harmony, guard against sorrow, inspire confidence, and bring success. Gem of gusto, ruby brings to light the electrifying personality of those who wear it.

With a name derived from the Latin word, ruber, meaning red, this corundum family gem, sister to sapphire, only comes in one color. But, the shades of red in which it comes vary from purplish and bluish red to orangey red in medium to dark tones. Color is key when considering value. Prized colors are pure red with no overtones of brown or blue. Better qualities are usually eye-clean. Ruby in sizes over 2 carats is difficult to come by. In its finest quality, any size is rare.

Rubies are routinely enhanced by traditional heating methods to produce, intensify or lighten color and/or improve clarity. To clean ruby, use soapy water or commercial solvent and a brush. Mechanical cleaners are generally safe. Ask your jeweler for details regarding special enhancements and care.