About Us

Twenty-eight years ago, our company started with a few handfuls of Brazilian amethyst. We traveled to third-world countries with U.S. currency and then left with stones taped to our bodies. Those days made for some good stories, but they are long behind us. All the country borders we work with today are open. Both money and stones now flow through open channels around the world. While some of the ways we do business have changed substantially, certain concepts on which our company was built have not. We strive to provide the best product, prices, and services we can. Even though our business arena is highly competitive, we have continued to thrive. There are a number of reasons for this strong and consistent growth:

  • As a source-oriented supplier we buy at the source and own part of our cut shop.
  • We do not tolerate dishonesty or laziness, and misrepresentation is not allowed in our firm.
  • We are logistical artists; we use our skills and creativity to join together stones from many parts of the world with talented and experienced cutters and goldsmiths, with minimum loss and risk.
  • We are now and always have been looking for new and better ways of getting things done, we love to learn new things.
  • We make a point of handling a minimum amount of those types of stones, such as emeralds, which can lead to difficult situations.
  • We have minimized overhead and promotional expenses, instead concentrating on the quality of our stones and jewelry.
  • Believing it is better to miss a profit than to face future problems, we only set stones in mountings that are top-quality and built for longevity (for example, we do not do invisible settings).

Today we have several million in mostly clean east-African stones in stock. In addition, we can offer over 17,000 carats of clean diamond and princess-cut melee sapphire.  We buy and/or mine most of our rough in East Africa and most of it is cut in our shop in Thailand.  And as we buy in the source areas and cut most of these stones in our Thai shop we can ensure you of quality loose stones at a fair price. If you want a quality image of an individual stone please contact us.